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  • Dr.
    Maryam Nik
    BSc, DC, RMT, ART certified

    Dr. Maryam Nik is the owner and clinic director of Active-Med Health and Wellness Centre. In 2002, she graduated from University of Toronto with a bachelor degree in Neuroscience. She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Magna Cum Laude in 2006.

    Throughout her internship of her chiropractic program Dr. Nik worked at Bioped Foot Care Clinics assessing patients with biomechanical conditions in their feet, recommending treatment protocols to address these abnormalities. It was then when she completed the required hours to obtain her C.Ped Tech certification, which allowed her to make custom-made orthotics, and modified orthopedic shoes in the on-site lab.

    Soon after graduating from CMCC, Dr. Nik started building her wellness practice in Oak Ridges while working in a chronic pain clinic assessing and treating patients who had sustained injuries in sports, accidents, falls and work related repetitive sprain/strains. Dr. Nik has spent the last 13 years of her professional career focusing on physical rehabilitation and strength and conditioning to help her patients reach faster recovery and prevent further injury in the compensatory structures later in life. Dr. Nik believes in the importance of preventative care and the multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare specifically musculo-skeletal conditions.

    Dr. Nik’s focus is to assist her patients and their families to achieve the fastest recovery from injuries to prevent chronic pain and to help them maintain a high quality of life through incorporating permanent healthy life style changes.

    Dr. Nik believes that continued education and staying up to date with the relevant research is necessary for providing the best and top of the line service to her patients and that is the reason she dedicates a lot of her time to learn new techniques and protocols. Dr. Nik is full body Active Release Technique certified and continues to invest more time to learn each day by attending new seminars. She is a certified shift concussion provider 1 and certified completed concussion management practitioner through the Complete Concussion Management (CCMI) network. She is also currently an ISAEC advance practice provider at the low back pain rapid access clinic through Trillium Health Partners empowering patients to better manage their low back pain. Dr. Nik is constantly expanding her knowledge base to ensure her patients receive the highest quality of care.

    Dr. Nik has been blessed with a great husband and two healthy boys and she is reminded every day how lucky she is and the importance of our life style choices in keeping our families safe. She truly believes in the benefits of chiropractic care, regular exercise and a balanced diet and looks forward to helping others optimize their health through Chiropractic and permanent life style changes.

  • Rita Mustafa
    Acup, RNCP (Holistic Nutritionist and Acupuncturist),
    Rita is a Holistic Nutritionist and a Registered Acupuncturist who specializes in custom tailoring treatments specific to each individual's unique body chemistry. Her emphasis is on correcting nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, through dietary and liftstyle changes and acupuncture to restore balance to the body. Rita is a graduate from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Rita's years of experience in the health and fitness coupled with her educational background and ongoing activities, have inspired her to bring a comprehensive, combined approach to her practice as a Holistic Practitioner.
  • Hourzad Salehi
    (Registered Psychotherapist)
    As a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Counselor, Hourzad specializes in helping those who experience depression, anxiety, work stress, low self-esteem, child/adolescent issues, marital concerns, relationship concerns, memory issues or issues with the career decision-making process and many other problems. She welcomes families, couples and individuals who would benefit from working out their concerns in a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential environment. With over a decade of providing psychotherapy, She has gained considerable experience in interdisciplinary physical rehabilitation too. She has expertise in helping individuals to learn in the aftermath of serious injuries (particularly car accidents) to self-manage chronic, painful conditions and regain an improved quality of life. She addresses a wide range of general mental health issues in her practice including depression / grief, anxiety / PTSD, ADHD, OCD and stress-related concerns. Currently, Hourzad divides her time between her private practice where she consults with people who have a variety of social and psychological problems, and with several multidisciplinary physical rehabilitation teams, where she works with individuals experiencing complex and persisting pain and psychological issues.
  • Kaitlyn Unger (Registered Massage Therapist)

    Kaitlyn Unger has a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, where she played on the Women’s Varsity Soccer team. It was there that she worked as a student trainer with the swim team and found her passion for Massage Therapy. She recently graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Fanshawe College.
    She believes massage is a beneficial modality to everyone, whether it be to relieve pain, recover from an injury, or to ease stress.
    She uses a wide variety of techniques from relaxation massage to deep tissue release, trigger point release and fascial work

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