Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling


Lifestyle trumps diet

At Active-Med we don't believe in quick fixes for weight loss. We believe that the only program that will have long lasting results will require three lifestyle interventions:

1) Nutritional Counseling (this may include food sensitivity testing, portion control, reading lables, ways to reduce calorie intake without starvation and navigating restaurants)

2) Exercise counseling (how to set goals, burn the most amount of calories in the least amount of time, boost metabolism and avoid injury)

3) Behavioral modification (THIS IS THE KEY TO LONG LASTING SUCCESS ---- how to self-monitor, stay motivated, manage stress and avoid emotional eating)

The BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION is the one aspect of the program that is instrumental for a successful and long lasting weightloss plan which is usually missing in most programs in the market. This is the reason, many patients either don't lose weight or they do lose but once the program is completed, in the year following they gain all the weight back and more.

The lifestyle changes are required for weight loss but what keeps the weight off years after years is ADHERENCE.

WHY DON'T patients usually adhere to the changes:

1) Busy lives - no time to cook or exercise

2) Living with people who make poor food choices

3) Lack of motivation to exercise

4) High stress level and emotional burn-out

We will design a program for you to fit your busy lives, lose weight and work on your emotional and physical well-being.

Any program with reduced calories can make you lose weight but the BEST program will help you lose the weight while putting you on the path of mental and physical wellness which will make your results last years after years.


This program is designed by out team of doctors and therapists to address all aspects from hormonal imbalances, food insensitivity, nutrition, exercise and emotional eating and self-regulation. The following practitioners have been involved in the making of the program and we continue to change the program based on the available research.

- Chiropractic Doctor

- Naturopathic Doctor

- Physiotherapist

- Psychotherapist

- Holistic Nutritionist

- Personal Trainer

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